DOGE Starts Entering Bullish Territory, While Tezos Tokens Still Fall

DOGE Starts Entering Bullish Territory, While Tezos Tokens Still Fall – Some Dogecoin tokens lovers (DOGE) claim that these digital assets are the main money earners. They were of the view that Dogecoin had pumped money in 30 weeks.

Although the idea might sound implausible at the beginning of the year, right now it might be true. The reason for this is because DOGE prices have surged in a favorable direction and look bullish.

Some time ago, the DOGE price movement reflected a downside correction to this day when the Shiba Inu coin came into the Bullish region. Analysts now expect that DOGE prices will continue to show some growth starting from today after entering the Bullish region.

In the last five days, price fluctuations have been observed in the upper and lower regions of the baseline. The lowest price point of the last five days was when DOGE prices traded at around $ 0.003002 on June 21.

Since that date, DOGE prices have increased by 8.2%. The highest point for DOGE prices is when it trades around the level of the price of $ 0.003509 two days ago.

Even though it fell by 7.4% just to find momentum, it is likely that this will be a blow for the Bulls to push prices back which will technically start entering the Bullish region.

Until now, the price of Dogecoin still ranges in the Bullish region. Although maybe some investors still see it from the opposite side.

Traders must be interested in DOGE ratings every minute. For now, it appears that the Resistance and Support levels are at the level of $ 0.00347 and $ 0.00323.

Traders must keep their HODL (HODL) because they still hold attractive Bullish potential.

Now, if you talk about Dogecoin 2020 price predictions, then DOGE might reach the level of $ 0.007 if all parameters are still played.

Looking at Tezos tokens (XTZ), in the past few days, after the price increase for Tezos on June 23, Tezos prices began to tend to move down. However, it is estimated that Tezos prices will rise again at the end of the day given the efficiency of the past and historical data from the XTZ that looks green.

If we want to compare XTZ prices from June 23 to now, XTZ price movements now reflect a pattern of declines of at least 17%, according to analysts.

XTZ prices may touch the level of $ 1.12 at the end of trading today and 6 months after. Maybe XTZ will also reach the level of $ 1.30.

If we carefully observe the movements and price patterns of the XTZ, we will see that it still technically shows Bearish activity. According to the results of the Chaikin Money indicator, we can see a Bullish divergence when the price crosses the baseline. Therefore, traders are advised by some analysts to keep collecting XTZ while cheap.

With the current pattern and price action, the Resistance level that will wait next for XTZ is $ 1.16, $ 1.22 and $ 1.27. Let’s wait and see.

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