Financial Advisors – An Affirmation to Increase Income

If you’re in the beginning years of a financial advisor career, I’m guessing that you may want to add more revenues to your financial planning practice, which equates to more money in your bank account.

Here I’m offering an affirmation I created many years ago, when I was a financial advisor with American Express. It goes like this:

“I am now making more money than I could possibly desire through my skill and expertise as a financial advisor.”

Doesn’t sound very earth-shaking, but the results were quite impressive.

Here’s why the affirmation resulted in almost doubled financial planning fees in one year: because I repeated it hundreds of times daily, and I wrote it down at least 25 times each day.

I know that sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. After a while I got used to it. It became second nature. It was emblazoned upon my mind and is still embedded there to this day, years after I created it.

One of the effects was that I emitted a different kind of energy, an energy that was picked up on by clients and potential clients. It was an air of making more money. And I emitted it more and more the more I repeated the affirmation to myself.

And it became locked into my mind more deeply each time I wrote it, which is why I wrote it at least 25 times each day.

Try it yourself. You can feel free to use this affirmation, or another of your own design and creation.

What matters is that it is powerful for you, and that you repeat it to yourself hundreds of times each day and that you write it at a minimum of 25 times per day. After about 2-3 weeks of focused attention and intention on your affirmation, you’ll experience a shift.

Have fun with it and much success to you!

Source by Valerie Love

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