27 Pulses Producing Applications and Free Money Producers in 2020

27 Pulses Producing Applications and Free Money Producers in 2020 – Google Playstore on Android smartphones gives many users the opportunity to get free credit for free. However, many people do not know or assume that it is a fraud or hoax.

Keep in mind, they will give users the task, such as watching videos, downloading a game or giving a mobile number to the application. In addition, you only need a smartphone and internet connection to download the application and open the content.
This is an android application that gives you free credit:
1. Whaff Rewards

Over the past few years, many smartphone users have relied on the application to get the best credit and free money producers.

Does Whaff still pay this year?

Yes. this is an application that is still legit and not fraud.

Whaff Rewards is still consistently paying and is still feasible to use as one of the free credit generating sources on Android.

There are already a number of users who get more than Rp. 300 million from using the application. The evidence has been scattered in cyberspace.

This application was updated on December 11, 2018 and has been installed more than 10 million. You are required to install the application, play the application installed through WHAFF REWARDS, complete all tasks and do not delete the downloaded application. Fast, easy and reliable to generate credit for free.

2. PopSlide

PopSlide is one of the Android applications that produces free credit, discounts and cashback easily. This application has been downloaded 1 million times and was last updated on April 30, 2018.

Users can get cashback by shopping at online stores like Tokopedia or Bukalapak by sharing promotional links to friends or relatives. You will get points.

In addition, users can play daily roulette, mini games, answer surveys or quizzes to produce coins.

How to get free credit is to collect as much as possible Rp using Popslide. Minimum points for credit exchange are IDR 10,000. They also support Simpati, US, Im3, Mentari, XL and Three cards.

3. Excite Points

This application, similar to PopSlide, allows users to get credit, shopping vouchers by performing tasks provided by Excite Points. They just updated on December 23, 2018 and already have 1 million users.

So, it can be said that this application is not deceptive.

Rating in the Playstore can be considered good, namely 3.9. Usually, you need to complete surveys and watch advertisements to get points. Exchange these points to credit or free vouchers.

4. AppNana

AppNana is an application that gives you gift cards or vouchers, unlike other applications that provide money like credit.

The application has more than 10 million users installed and has 500,000 reviews and the reviews provide 4.5 as an average. It is certain that this application is legit.

To get the voucher, you only have to download the application that is available in the apps. In addition, you can also play games to get points.

Here, the point is called pineapple. This application is quite easy to use and gives us a lot of points. For example, just by creating an account, you will get 10,000 pineapple and 400 pineapple for log-in every day.

Vouchers given also vary: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Steam, Paypal, Xbox, FIFA, and Facebook.

5. Getnap

Getnap is the second most popular free credit generating application after Whaff. This application has been covered by Kompas.com, Detik.com, Yahoo.com, etc.

With this application, use will be assigned to download several applications assigned by Getnap.

They also made a notification for users how to get credit quickly. Users can get credit from the Getnap application from Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 100,000.


Oing is an application where you can share your likes. Good preferences in the form of products or places. They will give you Oing points where you can generate credit and money for free.

The fastest way to collect Oing points is to invite friends with referral links.

You only need to share on social media and you will get as much as IDR 5,000-IDR 10,000 per person who joins your link.

They support Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three and Smartfren pulses. To redeem points, click redeem .

In addition to referral links, you can also get points from logging in every day and posting, filling out surveys presented by Oing and participating in events where you can get 200,000 points.
7. Whaff Locker (Not Paying)

Whaff Locker is an application from Whaff (no.1), fortunately, they can be used together with Whaff Rewards. This is one of the best money and credit generating applications, besides Whaff Rewards.

Rating on Google Playstore provides 4.4 and was updated on November 8, 2018. In addition, they have more than 1 million installed. So, I can make sure that this application is legit and pays to get free credit.

You only need to install the application and use it. Different like Whaff Rewards where you have to complete the task.

Your application only needs you to scroll up, down, left and right to get the latest news. You also get a beautiful and useful lockscreen.

8. Coin Monster

This pulse generator application is an application to find the most recent and free android application. Only by opening a web page and downloading the available application, you will be rewarded for free.

This application is almost the same as Whaff Rewards because this only needs lockscreen activation to read news articles, entertainment and events.

Besides that, you can also invite your friends via referral links to add coins. Exchange coins obtained with free Telkomsel, Xl, Indosat, 3 and Smartfren pulses.
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9. Cubic News (Not Paying)

Kubik News is a pulse-generating and money-producing application that provides interesting content such as the most popular news, MotoGP, useful articles and quality videos.

They also always hold interesting events. The rating given by users in the Play Store is quite high, namely 4.3.

To get credit, you need to download, register and login in the Cubic application. Users will get referral links to invite friends or relatives.

The more you read and invite friends via referral links, the more points you can exchange with credit.
10. Cash Pirate

This application has the same principles as Whaff Rewards. They pay users to download various applications that have been provided.

Although this application has never been updated for several years, they have a rating of 4.5 and have 100,000 active users.

The more you download the application, the more free credit you get will increase.

11. Cash for Apps

Like the name of the application, get cash for the application. You must download the application that is available in the cash for apps application and you will be awarded points.

After downloading, you can immediately delete the downloaded application.

However, they can only pay users via Google Play, iTunes and Dollars, not Rupiah.

To get points faster, you can provide referral links to your friends. They get 20 points and you get 90 points when they download the first application listed.

This application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. So, it can be declared legit.
12. AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

One of the most popular applications in Indonesia because they provide dollars for free.

This application gives you cash to download and play the application. The developer promises 5 percent of the money back when you take your cash.

Just like other applications, you can also add more points than invite your friends via the referral link. In addition, they do not allow users to use VPN.

13. Read Plus

This application has just been updated in January 2020 and has been downloaded by more than 1 million people. Obviously this is one of the most trusted credit-generating and money applications.

In addition, the comments given to users are also very good. They have a rating of 4.4 at the time of writing.

According to the name, this application asks you to read the news using this application. There is a lot of news that they cover like the economy to health.
14. Big Time Cash. Make money

This is a dollar-producing application. This developer app from Australia has 160,000 active users and a fairly high rating, 4.6.

Developers only need you to play their games and you can download them for free. When you play, they will give a ticket for random withdrawal.

The more tickets, the more likely you are to win. They must pay you because they are also paid for with advertisements. Don’t be afraid to play the game, who says playing games doesn’t pay?
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15. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a money-making website with a loyalty program. Don’t be afraid, they also have applications on smartphones.

The money or dollar-generating application has many users, around 15 million people worldwide and has awarded $ 550 million.

They will send the money using a voucher card such as Amazon Card, Paypal and Walmart. On average, Indonesian users will use a Paypal voucher.

The application is always updated from time to time. It is certain that this application is legit. Swagbucks will award SB points when you watch videos, fill surveys, online shopping, look for good deals on the internet.

16. Google Opinion Rewards

This credit generating application was created by Google, it has been ensured that this application pays. Users only need to answer the survey and get Google Play credit.

However, Google does not always send surveys, only 1 time per week. They will send notifications on your mobile when the relevant survey is ready for you.

Users can earn up to $ 1 dollars per survey. The questions in this survey are very short, for example “which logo is the best”, “the most interesting promotion”.

More than 10 million people have installed this application and the reviews provided are quite positive and have a rating of 4.0 on the Google Play Store.
17. Foap

Foap is an application where you can sell your photos.

No matter the photo is good or not, amateurs and professionals can make extra money by selling photos taken from smartphones. Actually, this is an application to search for images.

The Foap application is presented on iOS and Android. You can upload as many photos as possible from a smartphone. You can take the money from Paypal.

However, you must register an account. The higher your rank, you can make $ 100 per sale. This will happen if your photos are upvote by fellow users.
18. CheckPoints Reward App

CheckPoints is different from other money-producing applications or dollars. They need users to scan barcodes when you are shopping at a supermarket.

They have been covered in Wangshinton Post, NY Times, USA Today and CNN. Their motto is “Applications pay you everywhere.”

Now, they also provide paid surveys, watch videos and play games to get more points.

In addition, users can play their games like Paradise Slots or Jungle Lotto to get 150,000 points instantly.
19. App Trailers

This dollar-producing application provides you high-quality videos where you can watch trailer movies and earn money simultaneously. This application rewards you $ 0.50 to $ 1 when you download the application presented.
20. iPoll

Just like Swagbucks, iPoll provides free money when you complete the survey presented. This is one of the money-making apps for Android that pays.

They pay with Paypal, vouchers, Itunes and Amazon. In addition, Indonesia is one of the countries where you can use this application without VPN.

Most dollar-producing applications do not allow you to use VPN. If you continue to do so, your account can be banned by the developer.

21. ShowBox

This application is suitable for gamers because the developer will award you a voucher.

Users will get CASH-POINTS to redeem various gift cards or add credit to your smartphone. 1000 collected points is equivalent to $ 1.

On average, you will get 50-500 points for each mission that is successfully completed. In fact, these points are cashed through PayPal. You receive a gift from Showbox every week.

The showbox members have exceeded 3 million. Active users can make $ 25 USD per week by playing exciting games.

22. InboxDollar Surveys

This application will send you an email with a simple survey. The developer will provide a bonus of $ 5 for registration.

They don’t give points, only cash and gift cards like Amazon. According to their website, they have paid more than $ 57 million to users.

23. Make Money -Free Cash App

This application has a high rating, which is 4.6. Many people feel comfortable making money with the application. They have more than 400,000 active users.

To get money, users only need to watch videos, try free applications, complete surveys, give opinions, etc.

The good thing is, they don’t use a point or voucher system. The developer only gives CASH to your Paypal account. There are no exchange points and so on.

24. MoneyApp

Of all the applications that I wrote, the money-producing application has the highest, almost perfect rating, 4.8 on the Google Play Store. Many users also write good reviews of the application.

Just like other money-generating applications, these apps require you to watch videos, complete surveys, play free games, etc.

The difference is, they always update the missions that need to be completed every day. The developer also gives you money through Paypal.
25. Cashtree

Cashtree is a source of money and pulses used by many Indonesians. The application has been installed 10 million times on Android.

There are several ways to get money from the application. One way that I like is to download the application and read the news.

Because I use Indihome at home, I can freely download these applications and get lots of Cash (points on Cashtree).

You can be sure this application is legit because they have a company in Indonesia and have an advertising business for smartphones.

Another way is to use a reference system. You immediately get 2000 points and 10 percent of your friends’ cash is collected. Users can redeem Cash points with credit or with vouchers. Make sure you enter the correct and active mobile number.
26. Central Jakarta Participates in Credit-Up Survey

Jakpat is a paid survey application. The number of respondents in Central Jakarta has exceeded 200,000 people. You can exchange these points with credit, shopping vouchers, watch tickets, etc.

It should be noted that you must fill in your identity correctly because all surveys will only be sent to valid people.

According to the comments listed on the Google Store, many people have received money from these apps. In addition, the rating is also quite good, which is 4.3.
27. Flash Go

Unlike other applications, Flash Go collects all types of products on Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, etc. and gets the cheapest price.

You can also get Flash Sale news and products in this application. So, you will always get a big discount for the product you want.

Here, they also have a coin collecting feature where you can exchange coins for cash or credit. It’s also very easy: share the application with your friends or products and check-in every day. It’s easy, isn’t it?
28. Make Money: Paypal Cash & Gift Cards

BigCash or Make Money promises paypal or gift cards (vouchers) with the highest rates compared to other money-making applications. This application is only 3.4 mb, very suitable for smartphones that have small memory.

Although this application is only downloaded by 1 million people, reviews from Indonesians are very good. In fact, it has a rating of 4.6 in the Google Play Store.

One of the things that made me try this application was 2500 coins, I could get $ 15 or Rp. 200 thousand.

Gift Cards / Vouchers given also vary, such as Google Play, Steam, Itunes, etc. In addition, they also provide 20 percent of the income of friends who have successfully entered and 10 percent of each time you invite your friends.

The way to make money is also quite easy. Just like other applications, download applications that are already listed, play games or complete surveys.

You must ask which one is the best.

I myself use Whaff Locker, Whaff Rewards and Kubik News, Read Plus, Make Money. All applications that I have written still pay at this time. However, these four applications are best used together.

Do not choose only 1 application because this will not produce anything or waste time. If you combine several applications, I can make sure you don’t need to buy credit.
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Disclaimer: This article is only the point of view of the author and the author, not the financial advisor. You must check in more detail before investing in the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency market.

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