20 Small Capital Home Business Opportunities and Tips for Starting 2020

20 Small Capital Home Business Opportunities and Tips for Starting 2020 – Not everyone has a certain idea to start a home business. All people want business, but don’t have capital. Is there a home business with little capital? Are there promising home business opportunities?

With so many ideas for home business opportunities, getting the right idea for us is difficult. In fact, not everyone has the idea to start a small capital business.

In this article, I will share two ways:

Business Opportunities in Offline Way
Online Business Opportunities

A lot of money means having capital and being able to ‘reach’ almost all businesses. Small capital business? It is rather difficult to realize, but, there is hope in the present.

If you want to make millions to hundreds of millions of money, read this article. Who knows, you will get the right idea for you.

Home Based Business Opportunities in Offline Way

1. Business Credit Sales

In this age of technology, pulses are very important in people’s lives. Credit is used to call and buy internet quota.

Business opportunities to sell pulses have been cultivated by many people. However, the opportunity is still very broad and you can get millions of millions of dollars in turnover in this business.
How to start a business selling credit?
1.1. Looking for a trusted credit agent

You can get credit agents from friends, mobile shops that sell credit. When you search for the store, look for a large and trusted store.

Do not because of the lure of low prices, you subscribe to the store.

You also don’t need to look for a large credit shop in a big city if you are in the village, just search around your neighborhood.

Make sure that the pulses agent can easily transact with you.

For example, you can pay online, so it doesn’t make it difficult for you to go back and forth to the store.

It would be nice, if your friend is a credit agent, because you can owe it first.

1.2. Look for cheap prices

Normal if the seller wants to make a profit. If the credit agent takes too much profit, you can no longer sell.

The business opportunity depends on the seller or the credit agent. As I have written, do not buy credit agents who sell pulses abnormally. For example, Rp. 100,000 is sold at Rp. 80 thousand.

Normally, Rp. 100 thousand can be purchased with Rp. 95 thousand for Telkomsel cards. The more you buy, the more pieces for you.

Your competitors are not only sellers in your neighborhood, there are many online stores like Tokopedia, providing a way to top up online.

So, I recommend selling pulses at low prices and chasing your turnover. Don’t look for a lot of profits, but turnover drops. This business pursues turnover rather than profit.

The advantage of selling pulses in this way is that you can serve all of the many or few pulses. Tokopedia does not allow you to buy pulses with a low nominal value.

1.3. Offline and Online

Selling pulses can also be categorized as an online business because you can get chips from your credit agent. Usually, large credit agents will provide this service. Chips all operators will give you convenience in trading credit transactions.

If you have a regular subscription, communication with messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram is enough. With these chips, you can compete with online stores, even with competition in your village.
2. Motorcycle Wash Business
Car Wash Business Opportunities

You must have thought about this business opportunity. However, you don’t dare because you don’t have a lot of capital.

This is just a reason because with the presence of online stores like Tokopedia, Shopee you don’t need to be afraid of expensive prices.

Motorcycle sales in Indonesia exceed 6.3 million units in 2018, this figure always rises from year to year. You don’t need to be afraid because of rivals.

In addition, this home-based business opportunity can generate you hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah cheaply. You only need energy and time.

You also don’t need to buy a tool that is worth millions of rupiah, with just a few hundred thousand, you can immediately run this business. Check this link to see this mini jet price.

This home business opportunity can generate you hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah cheaply. You only need energy and time.
Your question is how much capital should I spend on this home business:

Different locations have different prices such as electricity prices, water prices and employee salary. I suggest not to use the employee first and open it in front of your house.

Enough with a capital of IDR 500 thousand, you can already open this home business. To get customers, you have to do an interesting promotion.

Like, one free washing every 15 times washing. Although this is not much, people will be interested in free things.

And, you have to use PDAM water to maintain your quality. Unlike the business of selling pulses, you must maintain quality for returning customers again.
3. Culinary sales
Selling cakes

One of the home business opportunities that many people rely on. Culinary is categorized into two parts:

Heavy and light food
Cake or bread

3.1 Heavy food and remember

You can open a shop or depot in front of your house. In fact, you can buy a cart to go around if you want. No need to bother, culinary efforts simply need to sell fried rice, fried chicken, grilled fish, soup, etc.

Opening in front of your house does not require a lot of money. You only need a table, chairs, plates and glasses. Whereas stoves and gas, just use what is at home.

Even tables only need wood, buying or making their own does not cost much. In essence, this business needs small capital, approximately Rp. 1 million.

3.2 Cakes or Bread

Selling cakes and bread is easier than heavy food because you can buy it in the market first. Cakes and bread can also be categorized into two types: wet and dry.

Whichever type you sell, both can be bought on the market. Besides that, selling drinks is logical when you open a shop.

Everyone can make tea and coffee. Always buy various kinds of cakes and try which cakes are the best selling.

If the cake can be stale, buy a little and when no one buys the cake, share the cake with someone who can’t. Your fortune will increase, and your efforts will continue smoothly.
Tips for opening culinary home business opportunities:

Don’t sell too expensive, take profit naturally because you sell around your neighborhood. Not only makes good relations with neighbors, you also make money.

Don’t accept debt. Unpaid debt causes losses and losses are enemies of all businesses.

Keep the quality of your food, it’s not so good it’s okay, everyone has a different taste. However, you must always maintain the cleanliness of the place and food.

Besides that, you can also develop your shop on social media. Already many small shops use this method to enlarge their businesses.
4. Open Private Les

If you are good at academics, you are suitable for opening private lessons. Make no mistake, this home-based business generates millions to tens of millions of rupiah.

Different from the old days, good tutors are very expensive. What’s more, you master subjects such as accounting, computer programming, or Mandarin / English.

All parents want their children to be smart and can rank in their class. Not only parents, adults also want to have certain skills to make more money.

Not only in the school field, you can also teach things like cooking, putting eyebrows, sewing, and motorcycle repair. Many opportunities in this business.

Besides that, you don’t need capital to do this and this is one of the home-based businesses. Very easy right?

How do you start a home business?

Obviously, you have to promote private lessons by word of mouth. You can try private lessons to family partners, friends to neighbors.

Ask them to promote yourself. I am pretty sure, if you teach well, many will want to study with you.

In addition, you also have to make ‘friendly’ rates in the pockets of parents. In business, it would be nice if in one room, you could teach 5-10 people.

Imagine if your 1 hour rate is Rp. 30- Rp. 100,000. You can get Rp 150 thousand in 1 day and I calculate this with minimum time and money.

Do not exceed 10 people to maintain the quality of your teachings. Make it, more tutoring hours, like 2 hours during the day and 2 hours at night. In this business, quality must be maintained because all parents want to have smart children.

There are many home-based business opportunities that can be worked on, I will make a list of these in the next article. Subscribe!

5. Open a Laundry Business

Opening washing clothes is an appropriate home business to do.


Because every day people will definitely change clothes, but people are already lazy to wash the clothes. Moreover, you don’t have a partner yet.

Even though you already have a wife, usually, your wife will have their own work and there is no time to wash clothes.

Then, how?

They will definitely use laundry services. Seeing the dense daily activities, opening a home-based laundry business will definitely make you money.

Adjust prices : You have to do a survey of how much laundry is around your home. Make a price that is in accordance with the service you provide to customers.

Make sure you don’t put the price too cheap or too expensive. If you put the price too cheap, people will think that your service is bad.

Too expensive, people will not use your laundry service. Usually, people will not think of a more expensive price, provided they are satisfied with the service you provide.

Extra Services : As I have said, customers do not mind if they are charged a higher price. However, you also have to give more value.

If your competitor does not provide a shuttle service, you can do this service. Another example is giving a small perfume that can be hung in a closet.

Washing Techniques : A variety of clothing, has a special way to wash. Pay attention and always be careful to wash expensive clothes.

The client is the king and you have to give 100 percent to the clothes.

Don’t underestimate one customer because the customer can bring you 10x other customers and can also reduce your customers.

The barbershop home business is very widespread in 2018. Many young business people are brave enough to open a barbershop.

You don’t need to be able to cut hair to open this business, just share the results with the barber. However, it’s better if you can cut yourself.

Convenience of place is the main in this field and you must be able to provide good service. Men’s hairstyles are not so much, you also don’t need to be an expert in styling like in famous salons.

Offer various packages to your customers, for example, cut packages + wash, just cut, cut + creambath. You don’t need to offer strange things like hair paint, etc.

It would be great if you also sell shampoo, wax that you use as an additional product.

My tip is to provide extra services from your competitors. There are already many barbershop available. Why do they have to be your place? Abroad, I have seen 10 minutes of haircut or also 10 minutes of haircut.

If you believe in your skills, you can too. 10 minutes of haircut will attract most people because waiting for your hair to be cut is very boring.
2. Online Home-Based Business Opportunities

Home business is much easier if done online. The internet is not only a tool for entertainment , but also makes money.

A lot of effort can be done from home if you use the internet. The internet is a link between fellow humans.

The good thing is, you can target other parts of the world in this way. You can sell services to Americans, Europeans, etc. and you are in Indonesia.

And, businesses that are done online, are much faster developing than in the real world such as having a physical store.

Right, you don’t hold money because all the money will be transferred to your account. However, that is also money.

Some of my friends don’t like working online because they don’t hold money with their hands.

Make no mistake, Alibaba, Facebook, Instagram, Tokopedia, Lazada, Uber, BNB generate trillions of rupiah with the internet.
2.1 Blogging

When talking about online business, blogging or blogging can’t be released because this is the simplest way to make money in cyberspace.

How come? The potential for blogging to make money is arguably very significant.

If you are diligent and can have many viewers, hundreds of millions of rupiah is arguably very possible. In fact, billions of rupiahs are not impossible. However, hard work, time and consistency will talk about that.

At least, earning millions of rupiah per month can be obtained easily with blogging.

To generate hundreds of millions to billions of dollars, you have to build authority websites, affiliates such as Detik, Jalantikus, etc. And, to produce hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah, only a niche website is needed.
For this article I will talk about how to start a niche website:
2.1.1 WordPress

Always use WordPress if you want to be serious about blogging, don’t use blogspot. Blogspot can make money, but this is not for long periods. There are pros and cons about using these 2 webs:

WordPress = paid
Blogspot = free

Even though you are in the learning stage, I still recommend that you keep using WordPress because, as I have said, for a long period of time.

Very cheap in 2015 and above to become a reliable blogger. I myself spend less than Rp. 500,000 for one year.

WordPress itself is a free website, you need to pay to buy a server and domain name. So there’s nothing like xxxx.blogspot.com, by buying a domain, you will have your own name or brand.

I recommend servers like Rumahweb, Niagahoster, etc. If the web has become famous, moving to overseas hosting such as Bluehost, Siteground, Hawkhost, Kinsta because they are more trusted and their uptime is 99.9 percent.

Always buy domains and servers in different places because if you want to migrate to another server, there are many problems.
2.1.2 Making Articles

You don’t need to have reliable journalist skills to become a blogger, just your article is understood by people.

A blog is not a blog if there is no content. So, after you buy a domain and server, the next step is to WRITE, WRITE and WRITE. You need to focus on creating useful content.

What you choose to write will depend on the topic you choose. The secret to successful bloggers is to focus on one thing or arguably a niche.

For example, this website focuses on how to make money and also cryptocurrency (digital money). Yatekno focuses on the latest games and gadgets. Seconds focus on the news.

Every big and successful business will focus on one thing, this business law is also not free in the internet world.

Besides that, the key to creating content is benefits. Focusing on creating articles that change people’s lives in a certain way and the content will always be read and appreciated by many readers. And you have to make the reader trust you (authority).

An easy way to make money from blogging is advertisement or advertisement. You can sell banners, paid writing, paid promotions, etc. You can also join companies providing advertisements such as Google Adsense, MGID, Adnow, etc.

2. Become a Youtuber

Video is the king of all content, easier to understand than reading and listening. In 2020 onwards there will be one trend, namely Video.

I can say that video is an asset like land, even better than land.

Because video is something that can be made free of charge, does not pay taxes, and also lasts as long as the Internet or Youtube continues. Almost all social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are entering the world of video content.

It’s not too late to start the video this year if you are afraid of competition. All businesses pay there will always be competition.

Being a Youtuber does not require expensive devices. Like all businesses, start from zero or start from zero.

You only need to use a smartphone camera for Vlogging. To play games, you need to have a laptop that is sufficient to install Bluestack or Nox for android games. If you want to stream games like MLBB, you need a microphone, webcam and also a computer to edit videos.
What should you do?

You can choose one niche / focus, just like blogging. You can choose health, the latest games, even how to cook, or culinary. You must have heard that Youtuber produces hundreds of millions of rupiah per month. Youtuber who focuses on the game can produce millions to hundreds.

If you are not confident (confident), playing games does not need to display your face, just need the sound and the game. I myself always use Youtube to find the latest games for smartphones.
Tips for becoming a Youtuber:

Ignore negative comments, you will find many comments like this.
Always make a schedule for uploading content. Never ‘loose’ to upload. Remember every video is money.
Always think of Youtuber as a business, not a hobby. If you want your Youtuber channel to be big = business. Hobbies will generate you money hobbies too.
Start from zero, starting from zero.
Always develop your content and improve the quality of your videos.
Never be afraid to fail. I can make sure your first video must have failed, but, never be discouraged.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a very popular business opportunity for new entrepreneurs, especially generation Z and Millennial, because internet marketing skills (internet marketing) are much needed than financial capacity. Because you don’t need to have stock or handle the items you sell.

This home-based business opportunity allows for business with limited funds.

Why dropship?

Low risk business: You have to pay for goods sold to customers. No need to buy bulk inventory to get the price of grosis because the dropshipping price is already quite low.
Low cost: because most goods are from Indonesia, the cost of goods is generally rather low. Because product costs are low, you can price products at market value and run profitable businesses.
Easy to get started: You will be able to start selling on the same day when you register. Products can be purchased quickly and because there is no need for items, you can immediately promote them.
Automatic business: Products can be purchased to your store with just a few clicks. Orders can be processed in a few clicks too.

An e-commerce website that operates dropshipping buys the goods it sells from suppliers or third parties, who then fulfill the order. This not only cuts operational costs, but also takes your time to focus all efforts to get customers.

If you don’t want to open your own website, you can use e-commerce stores such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bli-Bli and Bukalapak. It’s not late to open a dropshipping business, in fact, you have all the tools to be successful quickly.
Tips for starting a dropshipping business:

Search for Niche: Always sell items that are on a niche. Besides differentiating you from others, you are more easily advanced in this field.

Looking for a trusted supplier: because you don’t participate in shipping, checking quality and inventory. So delays can often occur if you choose the wrong supplier. A good supplier will always reply to your questions quickly. And they will always maintain goods quality and promise. To find suppliers, you can go to E-commerce stores such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, etc., even Facebook and Kaskus.

Determine the selling price: Usually, suppliers will determine the selling price, which is not to damage the market. Running a dropshipping business can benefit you 5-20 percent in the price of goods. This is not a small thing if you count the quantity.

Promotion: A good promotion will bring the customer to himself. For example, you can sell 1 dozen books and free 1 pen. Who doesn’t like something free.

Handling customers: Always be friendly to your customers and reply to their messages quickly. Customer satisfaction is money for the future. Besides the availability of goods, they also see customer service. If they are satisfied, the first time buyers will become your store customers.

4. Freelance writer

If you like to write and work alone, freelance writing is a good choice. As a freelancer, you are not tied to one company or boss, but you can take different projects for various clients.

To get started, you will need a good website or portfolio. If you don’t want to, you can use sites like Fiverr, Freelance.co.id , and Sribulancer. This platform gives you the convenience of getting clients.
Tips for starting a freelance:

Identify some general topics that you want to write. If you insist on writing all topics, you tend to feel overwhelmed.

In addition, you will need more time to work on the article. You can write about various topics, but choose fields that relate to each other or topics that you like.

If you want to specify a topic that you like, you can try to become a blogger. There are many types of freelance in the world. If you want to choose to be independent or do what you like.

Blogging is one good home business to start.

Explore technical writing if you are great with technology. For example, if you write an article about a computer, you must use words such as RAM, motherboard, etc.

Consider technical writing if you already have special expertise in a field. You also need to be able to change the words of this jargon into a kalimant that can be read by ordinary people.

If you are already well-known, you want to reduce middle people like the platfrom above, you can create a website that shows your achievements. This will make people believe more and dare to pay you.

By using the freelance platform, the author will receive a discount, indirectly, you get less money.

Everything must be difficult to do for the first time, one way to get the first client is to write for FREE, guest posts on other people’s websites. This is a method of introducing yourself to potential buyers.

Determine your minimum wage level. You can choose whether you want to be paid by the hour or per project. Usually, freelance writers are always paid per article. When making your wages, consider your experience and expertise.

You want to make sure that you are paid enough for your work. I myself pay freelance writers Rp 200,000 to Rp 1 million.

However, I have to look at the person’s expertise. Make sure you don’t set it too high, moreover, you don’t have experience.

What’s more, you master Search Engine Operation (SEO), many bloggers are looking for freelance writers who can SEO.

This home business opportunity is very different from other online home businesses. To make a lot of money, you must be able to ‘organize’ your time.

Time management is very important because you are paid hourly. The faster you complete a project, the faster you get money.
5. Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook make a lot of money from displaying ads. Many business owners cannot use these features.

However, in 2020, companies pay freelancers to optimize these advertisements. Payments to make these ads are very large.

In America, one project will produce you $ 50- $ 1000. In this age of technology, you can easily get clients from anywhere. The important thing is you can bring results to the owner of the business.
6. Online shop

It is inseparable to make money today, you need an online store like Tokopedia , Lazada , etc.

How come?

Opening an online store doesn’t require a lot of money, you only need a cellphone and internet connection.
How about the goods?

You can sell merchandise that you are selling now. The difference is that you have a digital store and are getting ready to be more tired because of more orders.
Is it difficult to succeed at an online store?

Certainly, but this is not impossible. As I always say, everything starts with one step.

Research what items are trending or trending. Look around you, can these items help people’s lives? Think carefully or ask your colleagues, siblings or colleagues.

Make sure you use social media to target your sales, if it’s young, use Facebook and Instagram. I suggest targeting 20-40 years old because they have purchasing power .

You also need to be able to learn digital marketing whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or with blogging.

Having a blog is much better because you will be a problem solver and recommend your product by linking to the article.

The important thing is to manage your finances properly. Don’t be a big peg rather than a pole. Separate business money and personal money. Always save at least 10 percent of your profits.
7. Instagram

You must have heard the words “Selebgram” (Instagram celebrities). Not to be famous by using Instagram. Kyle Jenner paid $ 300,000 for a post.

Already familiar with the name Syahrini right? He got paid 150 million for one post.

You might think that you are not as beautiful, as handsome and famous as the artists.

If I tell you you can do this business without these criteria, do you believe?

If so, I will tell you how.

You can post like funny videos, cooking, aphorisms or religion. No need to show your face too. Never buy followers because they will only spend your money there is no benefit. I’ve done that before.

When you are famous, you can sell each of your posts.

Is that easy? YES.

2020 is the year in which social media is rampant. Take this opportunity carefully because this opportunity will disappear in the next few years.
Why do people use advertisements on Facebook, Google and Instagram?

Like on television, advertising will make your business or brand famous. Not everyone has money to do advertisements on television. And, advertisements on television have been ‘stale’ in 2014 and above because they did not bring optimal results.

Meanwhile, using ads on social media has better results than on TV because everyone must have a Facebook and Instagram account. Besides that, paying for advertisements in social media is much cheaper than on television.

To get started, you can read on Google and create a blog or join freelance platforms like Fiverr , Freelancer , etc. It would be nice if you explore this work.

I can make sure that this home-based business is still not very well known in Indonesia, and in the years to come, surely many large companies will pay you tens of millions of rupiah for one project.

All businesses have their own difficulties. There is no easy business, if it’s easy, everyone has become rich. This article will always be updated when

There is also no name for “late.” You are really late if you don’t start a business now.

It’s better to fail than not to do it at all. Failure in one thing is a sign that there is success in the next thing. Do not give up.

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