How God Can Get You Out Of Financial Problems

Open your Bible to Psalm 77:14 it says… Thou art the God that doest wonders: thou hast declared thy strength among the people. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

God can bring you through many problems including financial problems. There are many people who have been delivered out of situations worse than yours because of God. God can move you up and out of your problems and circumstances.

God wants you to reach out to Him, because He can get you out of financial problems. God is doing great turn around’s with signs and wonders for people all over the world. You see, when you seek God, you must do so knowing that He is a Supernatural God! You have to trust Him and know that He is Almighty and He knows the plan He has for you. He has a creative heavenly plan to get you out.

Nothing is too difficult for Him! He has all the help power you need! You don’t have to figure out how God is going to solve your financial problems. Don’t go by your own understanding. You have to believe that God will help you. You have to choose to believe that God is greater than your financial problems.

Here’s the spiritual secret to God helping you. Aggressive believers have scriptures that they read and confess everyday while they are spending fellowship with God. The key is knowing that God is at work whether you can see anything happening or not.

God is not limited to natural, human ways of doing things. You serve a BIG GOD and big things can happen for you. Whatever financial problems you have today, put them in God’s hands. Why? Because God can work all negative situations for your good.

You have limits to what you can do. God’s power has no end! Do you have hope? Do you trust God? You see, hope is confident trust and reliance on God for results that can’t be seen in the natural. You have to know and believe God has answered your prayers and turned your financial problems around before you see change happening.

God has an infinite supply of plans, filled with new accomplishments, new insights, and new directions for you. As God’s beloved child, you are in the hands of an All-powerful, All-knowing, All-wise God who has divine plans that will work for you to create change. How do I know? Because He’s a God who works wonders.

Jesus said that the greatest faith He’s ever seen was a faith that didn’t have to see to believe. Supernatural faith is believing God to do something for you when there is no way in the natural it can happen. What you need to receive in your spirit is this… God is a miraculous God! Do you believe that? Do you believe He will help you? Lift up your hands and say, Yes! Praise the Lord!

Source by Darrick Bussell

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